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Is Blue Bahia Trendy?
Blue Is In!

Blue Bahia granite is a stone that is legendary for its beauty. It is possibly the bluest granite on the market, and it is in very high demand. It is quarried in central Brazil and is occasionally called Azul Bahia granite.

Its stunning blue colors can be a little hard to incorporate into a kitchen (but can also look stunning). Let’s learn a little more about blue bahia and see if it is right for your home.

When viewed from afar the main color of this stone is an overall stunning blue. From a distance you are able to make out that there are varying shades of blue – and depending upon the specific slab, you may also be able to see patches of white.

As you get closer to the stone it becomes apparent that the color of the stones bedrock is a dazzling pure bright white. However on most slabs it does not make up a very large percentage of the stones overall mass due to the large amount blue mineral deposits.

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